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Titman - defining router tooling
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Titman is recognised as being among the best router cutter manufacturers worldwide.
Independent test have proven Titman router cutters to be one of the longest lasting in the world.


How to order your cutter

When ordering your Titman product:

Please use the contact form and

Quote the Order Reference Number plus the Shank Diameter

and we will contact you with price and delivery

for example: FPC47 x 1/2"

Our part numbers have a positive meaning:

FPC47 = Finger Pull Cutter, 47mm diameter

Other examples:

ROB63 = Roman Ogee Cutter with 6.3mm radius & Bearing

ROCB95 = Rounding Over Cutter with 9.5mm radius & Bearing

DC16 = Dovetail Cutter 16mm diamter

This is the most logical part number system available in the router cutter market.