500mm x 120T - (N2EAM13)

500mm x 120T - (N2EAM13)



For Non-ferrous metals such as aluminium, copper and brass and also for plastics etc. Positive hook angle
is used for automatic feed where the material is clamped and negative is used for manual feed.

  • Kerf = 4.0mm
  • Body = 3.2mm   
  • Tooth Angle = Minus 2 Deg.   
  • Tooth Spacing = 13mm

A fine tooth blade with negative rake angle and triple chip grinding suitable for aluminium and other non-ferrous metals. Also suitable for hard plastics. Tooth pitch of 10mm suitable for sections with wall thickness 2-10mm and small solids up to 30mm. These blades are ideal for single and double mitre saws, chop saws, saw benches, panel saws and many other machines. Negative rake angle is a good choice for manual (hand) feed saws as it is less likely to "grab" into the material. Choose positive rake angle for automatic feed and clamping of the material and for thick sections (10mm+wall) and solid material.