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Non Rental Gas Cylinders        

ALbee™ - ALbee Rental Free Cylinders for Oxygen, Acetylene & Welding Gases.

Cylinder Exchange Programme

Simply purchase an ALbee™ small cylinder from Saw-Tech. Then when it needs replacing just return your empty cylinder to us and exchange it by purchasing a refill cylinder. Its that easy… no more rental and no more transaction charges.

Never Purchase a Regulator Again

Every ALbee™ cylinder is fitted with a fully integrated MiniTOP which is fully maintained at every exchange by Air Liquide. When an empty cylinder is returned, the MiniTOP is thoroughly checked, serviced and any worn parts replaced so you know that your ALbee™ cylinder is ready for use every time.

ALbee™ Plus

Albee™ Plus has specifically been created for those users who need larger gas quantities but still require the portability advantages associated with ALbee™. Albee™ Plus has the equivalent gas content of a 20 litre cylinder at 200 bar giving reduced down time and enhanced productivity benefits.

  • 13.4 litre 300 bar cylinder
  • Same gas capacity as a 20 litre 200 bar cylinder
  • Integrated regulator – no more regulator costs
  • Available in pure Argon and Argon CO2
  • Easily portable