M42 Bandsaw Blades

Bi-Alfa M42 Cobalt Bandsaw Blades

The Roentgen range of Bimetal Bandsaw Blades provides comprehensive coverage of the blade widths, tooth geometries and pitches required to address the broad spectrum of metal sawing applications and are available in M42, M51 or Matrix2 tip alloys.

Bimetal band saw blades are based on a fatigue resistant high alloy steel backing strip with around 4% chromium content. This formulation ensures that the blade can withstand the severe mechanical stresses exerted by modern high production rate band saw machines. On the backing strip there is an electron beam welded HSS cutting edge through which the teeth are milled. The subsequent tooth setting, hardening and tempering operations ensure that the finished product will provide straight, burr-free and long-life cutting performance to satisfy even the most demanding of saw cutting applications.

This gives the choice of high hardness and wear resistance or high toughness and impact resistance. The comprehensive range of tooth pitches in both variable and regular form together with a choice of cutting face angles make it possible to provide a bandsaw blade specifically manufactured to satisfy all customer needs.

All Sizes & TPI Are Available